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IMVU grupper er en måte å synliggjøre deg selv og møte andre med samme interesser. Gruppene er delt opp, basert på hobbier, moter, personlig overbevisning og så mye annet. Interessert i å prate med andre om tøffe kjøretøy eller å henge med andre Twilght fans? Bli med i en gruppe og start å dele! Mennesker i grupper kan kommunisere, dele ideer og invitere hverandre til andre grupper. Med ti tusener av grupper, er du garantert å finne en gruppe som deler dine interesser, hobbier, eller overbevisninger.

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  • Eier: Maenta
  • Kategori: Underholdning & Art
  • Størrelse: 819 medlemmer
  • Aktiv: 1 timer siden

Sales premades, layouts and auctions! : D

NewPost by Damasish on 06/22/2017 08:18:53am
 Sticky: Re: ::Macabre Tales:: [PREMADES]
"A05 SOLD"

  • Eier: Kita
  • Kategori: Mote
  • Størrelse: 119 medlemmer
  • Aktiv: 56 minutter siden

We are a modeling agency that specializes in giving everyone a chance. We want our models to be themselves and to express their creativity.

NewPost by Mayze on 06/22/2017 08:39:19am
 Re: G| The Counting Game.

  • Eier: LADYDIVINE74
  • Kategori: Mote
  • Størrelse: 35 medlemmer
  • Aktiv: 56 minutter siden

This is not a competition or a pageant we do fashion shows and photo shoots this is not about who is best all our models are top models come into the office follow LZC Modeling-IMVU on facebook

NewPost by BerthaOfShadow on 06/22/2017 08:39:05am
 Re: Summer Fashion Show Info
"Ill be there"

The VanDeRose crime family of the East Coast is the country’s most notorious crime family. Located in New York (Manhattan and Brooklyn), with ties to Sicily, Naples, Boston, Vegas, Lake Tahoe & Japan

NewPost by CelesteVanDeRose on 06/22/2017 08:38:11am
 Sticky: Re: Mafia Character Bios
"Full Name: Celeste VanDeRose Meaning of her na..."

  • Eier: Adri
  • Kategori: Mote
  • Størrelse: 153 medlemmer
  • Aktiv: 2 timer siden

Do you have what it takes to outshine other Pageant Queens? Do you have the GLAM | STRUCTURE | GRACE to be noticed? Are you willing to rise to the top and compete to be the Queen? APPLY TODAY!

NewPost by Herb on 06/22/2017 07:28:32am
 Re: Miss MAC| Chit chat
"[center][size=11px] I can't believe I actu..."

  • Eier: Kullyz
  • Kategori: Mote
  • Størrelse: 1 medlem

The home of Nova Modeling Inc. Nova is a new modeling group looking to find anyone who wants to be creative and different

NewPost by QueenStahcee on 06/22/2017 08:36:47am
 Re: N| -Free Talk-
"[size=10px][center] Hey! The name's Stahce..."

IMVU's Newest Cheerleading dance team. We honor IMVU's best lil divas to strut their stuff and give us the best cheer we can! Practice hours are Monday thru Friday @ 5pm-9pm. Ages 3 and older.

NewPost by Guest_2016blue on 06/22/2017 08:36:08am
"Your Name: What Time In : What time ou..."

  • Eier: Wilt
  • Kategori: RolleSpill
  • Størrelse: 70 medlemmer
  • Aktiv: 12 timer siden

Official group page for ♥ Maid Cafe ♥. Check back for events, updates and news updated by Staff Members. Applications are always welcomed.

NewPost by Guest_zinthose76 on 06/21/2017 09:35:08pm
 Re: Time Sheet (Trials Only)
"6/21/17 2:05 pm *at 8:52 I left the room to take..."

  • Eier: GypsyMeehan
  • Kategori: IMVU
  • Størrelse: 6 medlemmer
  • Aktiv: 3 timer siden

manager Gypsy Hellscream and club myth,welcomes all...come see us♥ club owner rei,..mods,gunner hellscream,flames,bertha,izzy

NewPost by BerthaOfShadow on 06/22/2017 05:38:38am
 Re: Timesheets
"clock in 8:40am"

.:A -back gathering place for art warriors & creative individuals:.

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