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IMVU grupper er en måte å synliggjøre deg selv og møte andre med samme interesser. Gruppene er delt opp, basert på hobbier, moter, personlig overbevisning og så mye annet. Interessert i å prate med andre om tøffe kjøretøy eller å henge med andre Twilght fans? Bli med i en gruppe og start å dele! Mennesker i grupper kan kommunisere, dele ideer og invitere hverandre til andre grupper. Med ti tusener av grupper, er du garantert å finne en gruppe som deler dine interesser, hobbier, eller overbevisninger.

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  • Eier: Adri
  • Kategori: RolleSpill
  • Størrelse: 1614 medlemmer
  • Aktiv: 10 minutter siden

MACtv is H.E.R.E! Brining you all of the original and new reality tv shows at your computer screen. Role-Playing Reality tv at its best. Apply to our threads to become seen. Casting new talent MONTHLY

NewPost by Muscat on 01/17/2018 05:29:14pm
"[center] [img]"

  • Eier: llMoonll
  • Kategori: Mote
  • Størrelse: 46 medlemmer
  • Aktiv: 55 minutter siden

This magazine is dedicated to my best friend whom passed away. We're a monthly magazine with fun themes and things to do, join us today!

NewPost by Guest_AVOCADOS5 on 01/17/2018 04:44:45pm
 Sticky: Re: Disney Theme OTM [O.P.EN]

  • Eier: mtoppy
  • Kategori: Underholdning & Art
  • Størrelse: 85 medlemmer
  • Aktiv: 49 minutter siden

contest art group

NewPost by xAmeshaSadex on 01/17/2018 04:50:12pm
 Sticky: Re: Minicontest-unedit-Black and white-ends 7 feb...
"[center] [img]"

Darkest Greetings to you and Welcome. This is the Vampire Mafia . I am ViktorLeeJackson you may call me Mr. Jackson or Boss. This place is created for the Mafia empire of vampire's. We're all family.

NewPost by IAesirI on 01/17/2018 05:26:56pm
 Sticky: Re: This List of Commanders for Vampire Mafia Fami...
"Respect Singed Lord Ryuu Heisei of the Heisei Cla..."

  • Eier: LittleStormWolf
  • Kategori: RolleSpill
  • Størrelse: 9 medlemmer
  • Aktiv: 51 minutter siden

This Group is dedicated to Members of Our Chain of Clubs we are starting together! Welcome to all those who would like to apply men and women alike Please fill out the application and we will msg you!

NewPost by Mickey734 on 01/17/2018 04:48:33pm
"1. Central Time 2. Four years experience 3...."

Born To Be Savage

NewPost by KHAOTIQ on 01/17/2018 04:48:12pm
 Re: Do Not Touch List
"Name:Rissa Username:Khaora Relation to you:My Wf..."


NewPost by DeeSmoo on 01/17/2018 04:48:08pm
 Re: Welcome
"Love my group"

  • Eier: Darkmoonthief
  • Kategori: RolleSpill
  • Størrelse: 9 medlemmer
  • Aktiv: 51 minutter siden

December 20th, 2016 a Boeing plane went missing on route and so did the 180 souls on board. No one ever discovered what happened to the plane, but it’s time to uncover the truth

NewPost by Guest_Carousels on 01/17/2018 04:47:57pm
 Sticky: Re: OOC
"Lol she would be like hell no. That's why Jon..."

  • Eier: ShannonMac
  • Kategori: IMVU
  • Størrelse: 221 medlemmer
  • Aktiv: 3 timer siden

Group of IMVU users who have agreed to interact with new users, socialize with them and help them explore IMVU. Members of this group will be able to access the Welcome Rooms.

NewPost by 123CherryRed on 01/17/2018 02:07:12pm
 Re: ★○★ Greeters Meetings ★○★
"I would Love to come if I am still awake"

  • Eier: XiOmicronXi
  • Kategori: RolleSpill
  • Størrelse: 21 medlemmer
  • Aktiv: 27 minutter siden

Welcome XiOXi pledges. Here is where your journey begins...

NewPost by Tiyasia on 01/17/2018 05:12:28pm
 Re: ♥Crystal Absenses♥
"Name TiyAsia Date: 01/17/2018 Reason for absenc..."

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