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IMVU grupper er en måte å synliggjøre deg selv og møte andre med samme interesser. Gruppene er delt opp, basert på hobbier, moter, personlig overbevisning og så mye annet. Interessert i å prate med andre om tøffe kjøretøy eller å henge med andre Twilght fans? Bli med i en gruppe og start å dele! Mennesker i grupper kan kommunisere, dele ideer og invitere hverandre til andre grupper. Med ti tusener av grupper, er du garantert å finne en gruppe som deler dine interesser, hobbier, eller overbevisninger.

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Bienvenue au plus grand groupe des développeurs français d'IMVU. J'espère que vous vous y plairez! Le secret est de participer activement! Le groupe est ouvert à tout le monde. Donc si des développeurs en devenir veulent avoir quelques conseils...

Greetings everyone! I created this group because as a developer I had hard time gathering information I needed for developing! Here you will learn how to develop, step by step, with Gimp!

Devs helping Devs. A supportive and constructive group for creators of all tiers and skills. Offer free derives from your meshes, derive from unique meshes for free, and help each other move up!

NewPost by xxCrazyEmilyxx on 06/20/2018 08:50:50am
 Re: Miha
"That is strange, but thank you! Submitted: Top..."

Dedicated to Ad Creation, helping Models/Artists advance their skill set. This group is GA, However qualified Artists may be asked to do AP Ads. M/G's please inbox DEZIGN for a group invite.

NewPost by MeSummika on 06/21/2018 01:18:06am
 Re: MeSummika------Model & Graphic Artist
"am I putting my stuff in the wrong spot?"

In this group i will show all of my work, the meshes i create and you will all be able to place your orders or your requests for a custom mesh.

NewPost by HypnoticAura1 on 06/21/2018 01:00:28am

File Shops

NewPost by HypnoticAura1 on 06/21/2018 12:58:17am
 Re: HypnoticAura Shop ♡Texture Packs♡
"WEDDING BLISS-85 TEXTURES [IMG]http://i65.tinypic..."

File Sales, Freebies, Derivable, Gifts, Free, Furry, Skins, Textures, Games, Developer, Support.

NewPost by HypnoticAura1 on 06/21/2018 12:57:18am
 Re: Shopl HypnoticAura & Jazziee2

Custom Anthro Sets from Extinction and Pets. Shoot us a message if you have any questions. :)

NewPost by Sharkbyte on 06/21/2018 12:30:10am
 Sticky: Re: [TEMP CLOSED [Slots Full]] 🐾 Extinction...
"Extinction Wrote: -------------------------------..."

A Group Devoted To Helping New Developers . Tutorials , Contests , File Sales & More !! Stay Active, Invite friends! Show us what you got !

NewPost by NachtPuppe on 06/20/2018 11:48:53pm
 Re: ✫ Cyber ♥ Chibi Art ✫
"[i]New premades! Skelly-Girl, Positive Vibes &..."

Photoshop Texturing, Tutorials, Default Art, Freebies and More! Join NachtPuppe for all creating needs.

NewPost by NachtPuppe on 06/20/2018 11:45:01pm
 Sticky: Re: ✫ Cyber ♥ Chibi Art ✫

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